Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Macedonian Fun Quotient

A recent realization we made while drinking beers in the park, is that while Macedonians truly know how to have a good time (and to much better music), it seems that, compared with Americans, they spread their fun in thinner layers. Just like our preferred way of consuming dairy, plopping tablespoons of butter atop all-American pancakes, we Americans try to consume a vast quantity of alcohol between the hours of 10 and 2 after which we all pass out and swear off that sort of fun for another 3 to 5 days.

Macedonians, however, shred reasonable amounts of fresh cheese atop cucumber and tomato shopska salads. They also drink from 9 at night until 6 in the morning, talking, dancing, drinking then talking some more and loitering until one strung-out person deigns to part ways for a limited 3 hours of dozing until work the very same day. The next day they do it again.

So it seems, as might be characteristic in many ways that we live, we condense our fun into little pockets of binge fun, while Macedonians spread theirs thin and long. We wonder, what's better: the inclined plane or the vertical jump? Take your pick.


WorkingClass said...

Iclined plane.. Take the smooth drunk ride till 4.30am.. fall asleep 5am.. wake up 7.30am.. look around - nothing has changed since 5am.. go to work.. have a smooth work ride..

Vertical jump.. jump 12am.. hit the bottom 1am.. faint 1.15.. wake up 4pm (next day).. there might be some things changed.. cozz... u missed work..

barbara said...

I'd still do it our way (the inclined plane): ) but definetly not every night...
hey girls, have you visited Bitola? if not, do it-it sure is one of the best places in Macedonia.
much love ***Barbara, Bitola ; )

Развигор said...

This is like the coolest foreign blog about Macedonia, ever. :-)

GoGi said...

Once again you are awesome.
I (as a Macedonian who studies in Germany and works in Ireland) absolutely awe how you put this together. It's true, simple and brilliant.

Thank you for advertising our country AS IT IS :)

(btw, do you have public facebook account by any chance ;) )

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nice impression. I am Macedonian, and Yea... this is the real picture of Macedonia. Drinking alcohol in the "Park" till sunshine, or go drunk in some discotheque or club...

Loves you Macedonia.

P.S. You will get 15 comments real soon, ahahahaha.

Bojan said...

Haha! So true. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes ....that is Macedonia, and the best of all a lots of nice cities like